From Terri – A Parent

My daughter has been with Keely for over two years and has loved every minute of their time together. My daughter has grown and developed so quickly under Keely’s guidance that it has been an ideal match. Keely welcomed us with open arms and was willing to work with us on repertoire choices and has been wonderful in recommending repertoire that was voice, level, and age appropriate – allowing my daughter to shine.  Keely understands the nuances of what repertoire best fits a specific singer at their given level and what works best together for a performance, for an audition, or for a competition. She has extensive knowledge on all genres and also has extensive classical training.

With the onset of the pandemic, Keely seamlessly transitioned to the online teaching format. It has been a fantastic format as Keely is able to communicate and teach my daughter effectively. In fact, an unexpected plus with the online format is the ability to record the meeting – and it can be an extremely helpful tool in reviewing.

From Rajashi – Parent

My daughter has been with Keely for four years, and she has loved every minute. She even begged to extend the lessons when she couldn’t squeeze any more into her busy schedule!
I have seen her grow into a confident beautiful singer in multiple music genres. Keely has been wonderful as my daughter’s teacher and also as her friend.

From Rubi – Student

Before I started classes with Ms. Keely, the only place I felt secure singing was my shower. Although I was not interested in learning musical theater and had a completely different music taste than Keely, she searched for songs I would find interesting and would develop my skills as a vocalist. During my four years with this studio, I have not only improved my vocal technique but also my confidence in singing in front of others. Keely has always been supportive and compassionate. She never fails to give the best advice on anything from college decisions to personal matters, and she is always willing to connect you with others who may help. Even if you are not planning on having a career in musical theater or voice, classes from Ms. Keely will be a valuable and beneficial experience.

From Lauren – Student

When I first started learning from Miss Keely I was young and thought I knew everything about the world because I was fourteen and fourteen year olds are annoying. Through my time learning from her, I not only grew as a woman, but I became more confident in myself through the roles and feedback Keely gave me. Because of her, I grew as an actress, a vocalist, and as a human being because she pushed me just far enough to allow me to grow without becoming too overwhelmed. Keely knew just when to give me challenging pieces that really pushed me and when to give me pieces that reminded me just why I love musical theater. I owe a lot to Keely for teaching me skills I still use to this day.

From Dena – parent

“My daughter took lessons from Keely for five years, each one better than the last.  My daughter went from singing so poorly that everyone in the house begged her to quit to qualifying for regional competitions several years in a row and being awarded a four-year scholarship to study voice in college.  Over those five years Keely was not only an excellent voice teacher but also a very skilled guide through the world of adolescent theater.  She gives 110% to her students and is well-respected in the voice/theater community in the triangle.  She has all of the talent necessary to help young singers reach their full potential.”

From Jenna – Student

At the beginning of this school year I was shy, unconfident, and an overall scaredy cat. I was, of course, not content with this existence so I took my friends advice and started classes with Keely. At the start I was shy and kind of timid around her, but as the year progressed I got to know her more and my fear started to melt away. By Christmas I was pretty comfortable “acting” in front of her and the class. This led to some progression for me outside of class as well because I began to gain some confidence in my abilities. My stutter is almost completely non-existent now, for I used to stutter during class presentations at school, and I can stand up for myself. I am not completely through the transition just yet, but overall this class has helped me find my voice and begin to nurture it.