Nc Nats Musical Theatre and CCM Results

Congratulations to the 16 singers who participated in this fall’s Musical Theatre and Contemporary Commerical Music (CCM) competition. Students were asked to submit 3 videos each of them singing in their chosen style. We had great comments and are happy to announce a few winners!

Brooke Benedetti, Gwyneth Benitez-Graham, Hannah Crawford, and Amelia Payne all got scores high enough to advance to the Mid-Atlantic Regional level of competition in March 2021.

Katherine Gerondelis recieved Third Place in 1st year College Treble

Valentina Fernandez-Escalona recieved Second Place in Upper High School Treble

Niya Petkova recieved First place in Lower High School Treble

Max Fernandez-Escalona recieved First place in Upper High School TBB

and Hannah Szemereta recieved First place in Upper High School Treble.

To see a highlight video for each of the 16 students, start this youtube playlist!

Video from our 2020 Senior Recitals

I am so happy to share with you videos from our two senior recitals this year. The First Comes from Katherine Gerondelis, Emma Johnson, and Valerie Pesot. They sang Saturday August 1 at 2:00pm

Act One

Act Two


The Second recital was Wednesday August 5th and featured Emilia Gray, Kate Sherman, and Joel Warsing.

Act One


Act Two


Congrats to these 6 seniors and the fabulous job each one of them did!