Studio Offerings


For those interested in building solid, consistent technique and vocal improvement. Recital and competition opportunities are available with lessons. This option is suggested for those students just starting out on a musical journey and want to solidify good vocal technique.

Ages 10 to adult

Regular Weekly or Bi-Weekly options available

Lessons can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes

*Must sign up for at least 6 weeks of lessons*



For those interested in achieving specific goals, i.e. role coaching or college/show auditions, with music the student brings in to work on. Recitals and competition opportunities are not offered to coaching students. This option is for those who already have some functional understanding of their voice and want to finesse a few things.

Ages 13 to adult

45 or 60 minute options available

*Must sign up for at least 3 sessions*



Repertoire Packages

For students looking to put together the perfect competition or audition package.  Interested parties come in for one hour long session, and Miss Keely will email you a personally tailored set of songs for your endeavors. This option is for students are just interested in finding the perfect set of songs that show off their range, acting skills, and overall put their best foot forward.

Ages 16 and up

Only one option for timing

A Repertoire email is included, but not necessarily all the sheet music


**All new students are encouraged to set up lesson consult. Consults are 30 minutes long and are a great way to see if Miss Keely is the right sort of teacher for you. **

Have questions or want to set up a consult? Email Keely at